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Modern Abstract

Toro Mâché

Inspired by traditional Japanese lanterns (Toro – light basket, light tower) made of stone, wood, or metal. Toro Mâché combines traditional design with modern ascetics. Since they are made from paper, instead of a candle flame, these pieces are illuminated from within with LED lights.






Public Art

guilded age perspective

StART: Gilded Age

Abstract painting and gold leaf.






Artist' Concept construction skematics

Ontario Place: Pillar of the Past

Touch one of the panels and the White obelisk lights up and plays music from the year Ontario place first opened 1970






01 - stefan verstappen 02 - Stefan Verstappen

Starry Northern Night

Overpass design of the Northern Lights.









tubular wind pop up 2 day

tubular wind pop up 2 night

Wind & Stars

Wind and solar powered ‘lighthouses’.

During the day Sequins in the blades of the Savonius turbine catch the sun and sparkle as the the wheels turn, like a disco ball.

At night, lights shine out from the base of the turbine to guide the sailors to harbour.

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