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Nuit Blanche 1


Musical Interactive Art Installation
Toronto’s Nuit Blanche
October 3 2015
IgNIGHT Art Festival
Ft MacMurray, AB
October 23 – Nov 3


Tri-Monic is a multi-sensory interactive installation that requires viewers to interact musically with the installation.
Three 12 foot tall triangular shaped pieces create a classical equilateral triangle both vertically and horizontally.
The flat black exteriors and strange wedge shapes gives the piece a futuristic ambiance.
The inner curves designate an inner circle of light that invites the viewer into the center of the installation.
Inside the installation the viewer is surrounded on three sides by curved triangular white screens.
This is installation brought strangers together to create music and harmony, and a spiritual experience.


Tubular Zen

Light, Sound, and Spirit.
P.L.A.C.E. Temporary Public Art Project,
California Plaza, Ventura, California
Sept. 26 to Nov. 19 ’08




Tubular Zen is a multi-media, multi-sensory interactive installation artwork that combines the concepts of Zen and Synesthesia.
The five pillars represent, and play, the five notes of the Pentatonic scale. A pentatonic scale is an ancient musical structure found all over the world that consists of five tones or notes.
As you enter the circle of pillars you notice that each one has a lighted button on its side.Touching the button will cause the pillar to come to life. First you will hear a single lonely musical note from a Shakuhatchi flute playing one of the five notes of the pentatonic scale.
Then the pillar will light up with light flickering in the same frequency as the musical note.
A few seconds later and the pillar returns to its former repose.
By walking around the circle of pillars and pressing the buttons you will discover that each pillar has a different sound, color, and vibration. Activate the pillars in any random order will produce 16 different harmonious sounds
When all pillars are activated you will hear the eerie but soothing ‘C’ diminished 7th cord.
Watch the video below.

TO Box 1

Toronto StART, Street Art Project

Toronto artist Stefan Verstappen was selected to participate in Toronto’s Street Art Program (StART) to create a painting on one of the city’s utility boxes.


“Walk Around the Block”  present a view of a row houses along a block of downtown Toronto.




 The Chinese Treasure Box

boxposter City of Ventura Downtown Streetscape Project
Main St. Figueroa Plaza
Stefan Verstappen’s unique design pays homage to Ventura’s history.
You can watch Stefan creating this artwork from beginning to end in only 1min 45secs clip here:








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