Way of the Warrior

beach1 cropcloseThe following articles and essays were previously published in Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu magazines.






kyudoDancing the Wu Shin
Learn how to develop Zen’s ‘No-Mind’






b&wdragonThe Dragon’s Gaze
Why You Should Not Focus in Combat – A Scientific Explanation

This article explores the cognitive and physiological concept of ‘Focus’ in the martial arts and when and how to use an alternative observation technique called diffuse focus.




martial_arts_kickThe Power to Destroy

The Three Types of Destructive Energy used in Martial Arts
In this article I describe the function and use of penetrating, crushing, and concussive energies used in martial arts.


sifuchen6Decoding Chinese Forms
The Hidden Meanings Behind The Flash

Chinese styles are often criticized as being impractical, showy and lacking in practical application. So what good are they?


200856234850171334085342The King, the Fool, and the Fox

Reading and controlling non-verbal communication in the sparring ring


shaolin1The Three Hidden Functions of Forms
Do you know what you’re really learning?



samurai4The Real Sixth Sense
Balance and the Martial Arts

This is another in my series of articles that provide scientific explanations for Zen martial arts principles.
In this article I explain the purpose of Wu Shin (Chinese) or Mushin (Japanese) also known as ‘No-Mind’ and why developing this state of mind is essential for real life combat. This article will teach you how to become a Dancing Wu Shin Master!

tiger printThe Spirit Of Tiger & Crane
Learn the deadly combination of strategy and attitude





johnkickFight Smart
Ancient Chinese Strategies Can Bring Victory In The Sparring Ring



kevin053Fight Smart II,

More Chinese Strategies for the Sparring Ring



robberStrategy for the Streets

What would Sun Tzu do in a Street fight?




daleandIDouble Dragon Pole Set
Two Man Staff Drills from China




mistymountainsWind Devil Staff
Spinning Staff Techniques



leo phoenixFlying Phoenix Kick
How to Do a Pole Vaulting Side Kick



guardpostThe Shamanic Origins of Tai Chi
Stefan Traces The Origins of Kung Fu to Thailand’s Mountain Tribes



Combat Strategies and Tactics
No nonsense advice on what works in real life.

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