Teaching Tales from the Far East

Author and storyteller Stefan Verstappen presents interesting and humorous short stories from his book The Thirty Six Strategies of Ancient China.

Each story is brief and is drawn from Chinese and Japanese folklore and history.

A Teaching Tale is a short story that has two messages. The first is the story itself usually an amusing anecdote. The second message is more subtle and offers insights into deeper meanings.

 About the Speaker

Stefan is the author of 8 books and dozens of articles. He is a world traveler and lived in China for four years to study Chinese language, culture and martial arts.

Stefan has  presented talks and workshops on numerous topics, been a guest expert on radio and TV shows and has narrated audio books and dozens of videos

Please feel free to contact him for more information about what he can do for your students or teachers and to discuss costs.

List of Stories

The Fox and the Tiger, when a fox suddenly finds himself face to face with a tiger, he must use his cunning to escape becoming dinner.

Teaches the principle of using your opponent’s strength against him.

The Rat and the Cat, A frustrated Samurai borrows a lazy old cat to rid him of a pesky rat.

Teaches the value of remaining calm and patient.

The Clam and the Snipe, When a clam and snipe find themselves in a double bind, a fisherman profits.

Teaches the value of letting go of something, to save yourself.

The Minister and the Silk Thieves, when a government official spots some suspicious characters, his own arrogance costs him dearly.

Teaches the importance of seeing beyond the obvious.

The Emperor and the Khan’s Wife, when a Chinese Emperor is trapped in a remote city, his only way to escape is with a painting and a message.

Teaches the importance of thinking outside the box and trying a radically different approach.

The Eunuch and the Stag, When a corrupt official decides to test the loyalty of the other ministers he asks them a question. The wrong answer would get you killed.

Teaches the importance of knowing who is the power behind the throne.

Yu Hu and the Bandits, a county that is plagued by bandits is brought to heel by using the bandits themselves.

Teaches the principle of fighting fire with fire.

Kong Ming and Ten Thousand Arrows, When a general is given an impossible task, his only chance of survival lies in subterfuge.

Teaches the importance of appropriating the resources of your opponent.

A Sword Master Tests His students, three students are led to temple where their test awaits. But only one passes the test.

Teaches the importance of evasion.

The Open City Gates, China’s most famous strategist is trapped in a city surrounded by overwhelming forces. His solution is known throughout China.

Teaches the art of bluffing.

Rich Man Pan and the Alchemist, when a greedy man meets an alchemist and his beautiful wife, his lust ruins all his plans.

A classic confidence game dating back a thousand years.

The Spy Who Committed Suicide to Escape, sentenced to execution, a captured spy begs for the honor of committing suicide.

The use of artifice and the tactic of injuring yourself.









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