Secrets of Strategy

Secretsbanner36coverAncient Chinese Emperors made the study of strategy a crime punishable by death. Their reasoning was simple:

“It was my knowledge of strategy that allowed me to seize power, if I were to allow others to learn what I learned; they may seize power from me.”

For hundreds of years books on strategy were hidden away and kept secret, lest the immense power such knowledge bestowed should fall into the wrong hands.

All of which begs the question; what is so dangerous about strategy?

Author Stefan Verstappen has studied strategy for over 25 years, from the martial arts arena to society as a whole, Stefan has tested and applied the principles of strategy to discover their true effectiveness.

As the famous swordsman Myamoto Musashi once wrote:

“By studying ‘The Way’, you can apply it to master all the arts without further instruction”.

Strategy is like a template for success that can be applied to any endeavour.
What is this template and how to apply it?

Stefan will reveal the secrets of strategy in a simple and scientific manner that anyone can understand and learn to use to become successful. All attendees will receive a free signed copy of Stefan’s book, The Thirty Six Strategies of Ancient China.

Here’s what people are saying about this talk:

“Now it all makes sense. Stefan explained what and how to use strategy in a way that you can easily remember and apply for the rest of your life.”
M. Banwell, Banwell Financial

“Knowing strategy is the difference between being a victim of the world, or a survivor. Definitely an important tool in one’s urban survival repertoire.”
S. Lawrence, Toronto ETF

“I remember well the great lecture that you gave in my class.  I hope that you  will find the time one day to write it up as an article.”
Mora Campbell, Prof., York University

Did you know…

  • This book is used in a course on Game Theory at NYU!
  • This book is studied at the Annapolis Naval Academy!
  • This book is the basis for several books written on anti-guerrilla and small unit tactics for the US Marine Corp!
  • This book is the basis for two other books on business strategy!
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