Hi Everyone

Thank you wanting to help me out!

As you know I have never asked for donations before, but this winter has been brutal. I won’t go into details because it will sound like I’m complaining and I know everyone is going through tough times.


So I would like to mimic the crowd funding sites and offer a decent reward for any donation. Below are some rewards I would like to give you in exchange for you generosity.

$5. Donation

Download a PDF copy of any of my books!

Just write in the paypal notes which copy you would like.

The Thirty Six Ancient Chinese Strategies

The Art of Urban Survival

The Way of the Warrior

The Household Cyclopedia

$10. Donation

Download 2 copies of any book and the audio book version of the Thirty Six Strategies

$25. Donation

Download all of my books!





$50. Donation

Download all the books and get a PenDragon School Crest. This is my own design for my martial arts school.

$100. Donation

Download all the books, a PenDragon School Crest, and a personal 45 min audio conversation through skype or any other voice chat. We can talk about whatever you like.

$200. Donation

Hand painted and signed watercolor illustration. (unframed)

Choose which one of my pen and ink illustrations you like best from  this page and I have it printed onto 140 lb cold press watercolor paper and I personally color it using watercolors and autograph it.


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