Chinese Business Etiquette

ChineseBEtiquetteChinese Business Etiquette
The Practical Pocket Guide

This essential pocket reference on common business and social protocols for traveling and doing business in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, is ideal for anyone doing business with the Chinese, at home or abroad.

Informative and sometimes humorous, this book is an ideal introduction for executives and entrepreneurs who plan to do business in China.


Stefan Verstappen, offers simple and practical advice on how to make a professional impression and come across as a seasoned ‘China Hand’ when doing business in China, or greeting visiting businessmen and women from China.

Includes, quotes from the Chinese Classics, amusing true life anecdotes, and curious facts to illustrate key points.

This mini-book provides plain and simple advice straight to the point and uses fast and easy references to key points. The perfect read for on the flight over.



No one doing business with the Chinese should be without their own personal and well-studied copy

China is one of our country’s major trading partners. Every year more and more American firms are doing business with China, soliciting business with the Chinese, developing contacts with China’s political establishment and business community. The Chinese business culture has many significant differences with the American business culture. That’s why “Chinese Business Etiquette: The Practical Pocket Guide” will prove to be an invaluable and indispensable resource for American entrepreneurs and corporate executives seeking to business with the Chinese.

Author Stefan Verstappen draws upon his years of experience and expertise traveling and working in China, as well as exploring internet investment opportunities in China, to compile this handy, pocket-sized, 148-page compendium of etiquette rules for networking, attending meetings, negotiating, and entertaining

Chinese businessmen here in the United States or over in China. Of special note is the highly practical information on business gift-giving and language issues. No one doing business with the Chinese should be without their own personal and well-studied copy of Stefan H. Verstappen’s “Chinese Business Etiquette: The Practical Pocket Guide”!
Midwest Book Review


Breaking down Chinese walls

Stefan Verstappen’s ‘Chinese Business Etiquette’ is a pocket-size, punchy manual to guide you through your first encounters with the descendants of the Middle Kingdom, and a guide is certainly needed. It is speckled with Chinese proverbs, none more apt than ‘He who wishes to know the road through the mountains, must ask those who have already trodden it’. It’s a road outsiders need to discover if they/you are to wend a way cautiously (and over many years) through the complexities of Guanxi – ‘connections’. Coca Cola could have done with this guide when they first entered the Chinese market back in 1928. Looking for four Chinese characters whose pronunciation approximated Co-Ca-Co-La, their advertising department chose the character ‘la’ meaning ‘wax’. As the author tells it, ‘ko-ka-ko-la’ sounded right but when read it conveyed the nonsensical meaning of ‘bite the wax tadpole’.

Not just witty, this small paperback gives lots of sound advice as you enter a very very ancient world indeed.
T. G. Symonds (UK)

Table of Contents

The Importance of Etiquette

Foundations of Chinese Culture
Lao Zi
Chinese Writing
Historical Attitudes Towards Foreigners
Modern Attitudes Towards Foreigners
How the Chinese View other Nationalities
True Stories: Trade Wars
Curious Facts: Tai-Pan

Curious Facts: Compradors
True Stories: An Uncomfortable Silence

Business Cards
Saving Face
Chinese and Women
True Stories No Card, No Face

When to Go
Chinese New Year
Ghost Month
Curious Facts: Lucky and Unlucky Numbers
Meeting Etiquette
Business Attire
Curious Facts: Lucky and Unlucky Colors
True Stories: Snake Oil
Corporate Training
True Stories: No Looky

Decision Making
True Stories: Panash
The ‘No’ Word
Chinese Negotiating Tactics
True Stories: The Hurried Executive

Business Entertainment
Dinner Guest
Table Manners
Spitting and smoking
Tea Drinking
Curious Fact: Finger Tapping
How to Use Chopsticks
Curious Facts: Fish Flipping
Dim Sum Restaurants
Conversation Topics
Family Visiting
Dinner Host
Hostess Clubs

Business Gift-Giving
Good Gift Ideas
Bad Gift Ideas
True Stories: The Green Hat
True Stories: The Golden Teacup
Curious Facts: Red Envelop

Useful Phrases When Shopping

Common Phrases in Mandarin
True Stories: Bite the Wax Tadpole
Reading Body Language


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