The Way of the Warrior

bookcover medium sizeA Masters Guide to The Way of the Warrior

A guide to advanced means and methods of the warrior’s way

A Master’s Guide To The Way of the Warrior, is a unique and comprehensive guide to applied Eastern philosophy and the martial arts from a scientific perspective.

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Early Reviews

Received my copy of The Way Of The Warrior a couple of days ago. I’m enjoying it immensely as I’m half way through the book. I feel fortunate to have made this connection in discovering this book. I have trained in Wing Chun, Southern Mantis and Tai Chi Chuan for the Past seven years. This book is a great tool for further research. I’m only beginning to scratch the surface to this “Way”, but it has changed my life in so many positive ways! Just wanted to express exuberance and thanks.

Kenneth Manrodt

 Buy this book! you will be glad you did. this is the best guidebook for becoming a warrior, get it for a young man or young father looking for a guide for a balanced and courageous life.


“Are you a psychopath, victim, or a warrior?

Most of us are brainwashed to be victims dependent on the psychopaths. It’s time to take your power back and become warriors. You’ll never be told to have a warrior spirit by this society. You need to figure it out yourself, research it and make it a part of your psyche and Stefan’s book helps you do just that. It couldn’t come at a more perfect time.”

Gina Bertarelli

“Been reading this book from Stefan Verstappen, a guy who seems to have a good perspective on things.

In the first few pages he describes the difference between a soldier and a warrior. It’s been disheartening to see so many of us growing up admiring and becoming “soldiers” for various causes without making such a distinction and challenging the contracts that direct our actions.

There is no shortage of mind manipulations to blur this distinction and this doesn’t apply only to soldiers in a war theater, but “soldiers” in every endeavor.”

Chad Henson

“Thus is not a book of fiction nor entertainment, but a book of knowledge.  A book of teaching and guidance as well as a training manual. This book shows the path to self improvement, not only physically but mentally, spiritually and morally; the key fundamentals of a true warrior.”

S. JD Wismayer


A Master’s Guide to the Way of the Warrior is a unique and comprehensive guide to the principles and practices of the warriors’ way as spiritual path, combat training, and antidote for our society’s decline and destruction.

The book is divided into three sections

Foundation, examine the origins and history of the warriors’ spiritual path and martial arts. Topics include:

  • The Dark Knight
  • The Mystic Warrior
  • The Warrior as Shaman
  • The Warrior in the Modern Age
  • The Warrior in the Future
  • Principle Practices

Internal, examines the mind and senses. Topics include

  • Awareness and Perception
  • Visualization
  • Breathing
  • Energy
  • Overcoming Fear, Pain and Anger
  • Leadership

External, examines the mechanics of mind body integration and hand to hand combat. Topics include

  • Movement and Form
  • The Five Animal Styles
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Combat Strategy & Tactics
  • Weapons
  • The Warrior’s Code

The complete guide to awakening the warrior within.



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