Little Warrior Karate Program

The Little Warriors Belt Program combines Street Safety, Self Esteem, Self Defense, Fitness & Health, and Martial Arts to provide Life Skills Training for children ages five through nine.

This program includes a Teachers Manual and three Kid’s Workbooks that provides a full school year curriculum.

The Little Warriors Belt Program includes an illustrated teacher’s manual that provides easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to teach a fun and effective safety and martial arts program that emphasizes predator abduction prevention techniques. This Teacher’s Manual will enable any adult to teach this program regardless of martial arts training.

This program teaches:

11 Character Building Lessons

Including: What is a Promise?, Focus, Deep Breathing, Setting Goals, and Self-Control.

19 Health & Fitness Lessons

Including: Stretching, Cardio, Calisthenics, Good Nutrition, and six First Aid lessons.

15 Street proofing Lessons

Including: Buddy System, Code Word, How to Dial 911, How to Answer Questions from Strangers, and How to Deal with Dogs.

18 Self-Defense Lessons

These are the most easy to learn and effective self-defense techniques that are not only suitable for children, but anyone in the family from teens to moms can learn potentially life saving skills. Includes both children’s and adult instructions and illustrations.

35 Martial Arts Techniques

These universally recognized techniques include stances, blocks, strikes, kicks, break falls, and three Katas.  Includes both children’s and adult instructions and illustrations.


  • Sample Teaching Plans
  • Instructions on How to Play 9 Warm-Up Games
  • How to create a Child Identity Kit
  • Top Ten lists of Safety Tips
  • What to do if a child goes missing

This program is ideally suited for moms, teachers, home-schoolers, church and community groups, after-school programs, day camps, summer camps, and martial arts schools.

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codeword clrThis program uses role-playing games and demonstrations to involve children and helps create a high level of interest.

These games teach children survival skills without causing anxiety or a loss of innocence. Children do not have to understand all the reasons why something is wrong, they just need to know when something is wrong and what to do. Role playing games teach by doing, rather than lecturing.

By physically re-enacting a skill through games and exercises, will enable them to use that skill instinctively later if they need to. These good instincts will serve to protect kids their whole lives.

bearhug behind uThe Little Warriors Belt Program for kids, and the Belt Program Teachers Guide for adults, together provide parents and educators with easy to follow step-by-step instructions that enable any parent, teacher, or coach to conduct an exciting and effective street-proofing course in their home, school, after-school program, or summer camp.

With increasing media coverage of child abductions, sex offenders, and missing children, there is an urgent need to teach children Street Smart Skills that can help kids to avoid and escape the many dangers of modern society.



A Child’s Best Friend
I’m shocked at the amount of fantastic information in this book for children! Kids could pretty much teach themselves by using the book all by themselves. It’s got tons of wonderful illustrations with step by step instructions. There’s quite a few things in this book that I haven’t seen anywhere else as well. It doesn’t seem like parents or teachers would need any special training in order to teach it either. (but there is a teacher’s guide as well)

I’m really very impressed! I’ve seen some very poor presentations and programs regarding keeping children safe. They were either so hokey I couldn’t stand it or they were so watered down, I’m thinking – why bother? I think children and teachers need as much good and useful info they can get, in a very easy to understand format and that’s what you get with this book! Finally someone who has obviously thought things out and from the looks of it spent quite a bit of time putting it all together. All I can say is, if you have kids or work with them, you absolutely need this book! Thanks Mr. Verstappen for obviously Really caring about our children!

By QualityMatters on April 13, 2012

What this book does is teach a child that the only person that they can truly rely on is themselves. It teaches a child how to be self aware and alerted. It also allows the parent to bond with the child through lesson of education for both. This book also has a lot of extras that all parents should have, like a list of emergency contacts and information on how to put together an I.D kit. this alone is worth the money.

Janis McKenzie (NYC) January 2014

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