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The Most Important Book You Could Own If Society Collapses

A basic tenant of history is that it is cyclical, nations and civilizations rise and fall.

Our western civilization is at the apex of its development. We have a standard of living undreamt of by our forbearers.

However, our technological civilization is built on the most tenuous and fragile of foundations – electricity and petroleum. Remove either of these foundations for more than a couple of months and our civilization will collapse rapidly and we will find ourselves in a literal dark age.

This book provides all the information needed to live comfortably without electricity or gas, just like your great grandparents did.

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bookcover medium sizeA Masters Guide to The Way of the Warrior

A guide to advanced means and methods of the warrior’s way

A Master’s Guide To The Way of the Warrior, is a unique and comprehensive guide to applied Eastern philosophy and the martial arts from a scientific perspective.





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Paradise Stolen – Episode 5 – Why We Are Poor



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