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The Art of Urban Survival
A Family Safety and Self Defense Manual
The Most Important Book You'll Need for the 21st Century!
The only book that covers the full spectrum of urban dangers:
Crime and Violence
Natural Disasters
War and Terrorism

Click here to watch the video that explains the book's content and structure.

Chinese Business Etiquette                                                     The Practical Pocket Guide

This essential pocket reference on common business and social protocols for traveling and doing business in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, is ideal for anyone doing business with the Chinese, at home or abroad.

Informative and sometimes humorous, this book is an ideal introduction for executives and entrepreneurs who plan to do business in China.

Stefan Verstappen, offers simple and practical advice on how to make a professional impression and come across as a seasoned 'China Hand' when doing business in China, or greeting visiting businessmen and women from China.

Includes, quotes from the Chinese Classics,  amusing true life anecdotes, and curious facts  to illustrate key points.

This mini-book provides plain and simple advice straight to the point and uses fast and easy references to key points. The perfect read for on the flight over.

The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China
Timeless Proverbs on the Art of Being Cunning

The Thirty-Six Strategies of Ancient China is an easy to read and fascinating look at how many of the strategies and tactics mentioned by Sun Tzu in his book The Art Of War, were employed in ancient times.

There is a Zen-like simplicity in the book’s structure. Each strategy is also a Chinese proverb and is briefly explained. There follows three or four  short anecdotes taken from Chinese and Japanese history which act as teaching tales to show how such strategies can be used.

Watch the video introduction to this book.

Watch the video on Chapter One, Fool the Emperor to Cross the Sea

                          coverBlind Zen  Martial Arts for the Blind

Blind Zen A case Study in Sensory Enhancement for the Blind and Vision Impaired, tells the story of how a blind woman’s efforts to learn self-defense led to a unique experiment to adapt martial arts and eastern philosophy to develop new skills and increase self-confidence. 

This book is guide written for the blind, vision impaired and the people that live and work with them, but also for martial arts instructors and sports trainers to provide insights and ideas for developing athletic programs for the bind in their communities.

Little Warriors                                                                            Kid's Home & Street Safety Programs you can teach yourself

The Little Warriors is a unique street-proofing and safety program that teaches kids how to be safe, how to protect themselves from danger, and what to do in an emergency.

The Little Warriors offers parents and educators three comprehensive training programs for children aged 5 to 9. The Street Safety Program, The Life Skills Training Belt Program, and the Safety Awareness Program.

Each program includes Kids Workbooks, Teachers Manual and lesson guide, test and answer sheets, certificates of achievement and other incentives. Easy to follow step-by- step instructions enable any parent, teacher, or coach to conduct an exciting and effective street-proofing course in their home, school, after-school program, or summer camp

photo of
                          martial artist in crane postureWritings on the Martial Arts
Magazine articles, videos, and assorted writings on the martial arts.
New! Video Page
See rare video of Verstappen's Kung Fu teacher in Taipei performing an 18 Lohan form. 



Art & Design                                                                                 On-line portfolio and gallery of Verstappen's artworks.

New! TV News Clip SoCal
News story about Verstappen's latest Public Art Installation Tubular Zen



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