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Latest Video: The Church of One

With so much insanity in the world, I wanted to share something positive, it’s what keeps me sane.






 Latest Audio Excerpt: The Way of the Gentleman

The Way of the Gentleman expands on what the warrior way means with the example of Confucius’ Way of the Gentleman.




 Latest Interview: Control By Government Psychopaths or Individual Freedom

Author and researcher Stefan Verstappen speaks about the need for millennial men and women to return to a tradition of independence, self reliance, courage and strength, qualities the state has done everything in its power to destroy. His latest book The Way of the Warrior, is a training manual to teach the skills needed to become a modern day warrior. Fight the system or become one of the living dead. At least, that is the way I personally see it.


Latest Article: The Dark Knight

One reason for a warrior to have courage is so that he can face the violence inherent in this world. Nature is both beautiful and cruel.

Listen to this excerpt here:




Stefan’s Latest Book is Now Available!


bookcover medium sizeA Masters Guide to The Way of the Warrior

A guide to advanced means and methods of the warrior’s way

A Master’s Guide To The Way of the Warrior, is a unique and comprehensive guide to applied Eastern philosophy and the martial arts from a scientific perspective.





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 Stefan’s Latest Video:

Paradise Stolen – Episode 5 – Why We Are Poor



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