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Master List of Workshops and Seminars.
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The simplest and most effective techniques

A workshop based on the book The Art of Urban Survival, you can book for your group or club

This exciting workshop teaches the most practical self defense techniques that anyone can use to protect themselves from assault.

Participants will learn the same self defense techniques Stefan teaches the blind, and children because they are easy to learn, and easy to use.

In addition, tips and tricks on improvising and using weapons are included.

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Surviving Disasters
Emergency Preparedness

This seminar is ideal for community groups and teaches life saving preparedness skills that can be applied to dozens of natural and man made disasters.

Participants will learn:
  • How to assemble home, car and  pocket survival and first aid kits.
  • What to do during an emergency
  • How to survive war, terrorism, riots, and natural disasters
  • How to organize and conduct a search & rescue team to find lost family members
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An introduction to social predators

Based on chapter 1 of The Art of Urban Survival this lecture
teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society's most dangerous predators - psychopaths.

This seminar teaches participants:
  • How to recognize the character traits of psychopaths
  • Their Modus Operandi, and their typical stalking strategies
  • What you can do to defend yourself against the psychopath 
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photo of
                          stefan in white crane posture
Tai Chi, Dance, and Zen
How to use movement to improve your life

Based on his series of articles published in Black Belt magazine, and his book Blind Zen, Stefan teaches the scientific principles behind the spiritual techniques of dance, sports, and martial arts.

Topics include:
  • How to use 'Free Form' to improve instinctive reaction
  • How to improve awareness and sensory perception  
  • How to use different environments to train mind and body
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How to use Zen and Martial arts to improve the lives of the vision impaired

Can a blind person learn to defend him or herself against an assault?
This question led the author Stefan Verstappen on a journey of discover of what the blind, and all people, are really capable of.

Stefan's seminars include descriptions and scientific explanations behind the Zen inspired exercises that anyone can learn and provides a unique approach to improving the quality of life for the vision impaired.

Topics include how to:
  • Improve your sense of balance
  • Improve your sense of kinesthesia
  • Train the sense of hearing and create an auditory map
  • Train the sense of smell to better know what is happening around you
  • Overcome many fears associated with blindness
  • Become more aware of  the unconscious sensory information known as synesthesia
  • Develop real Extra Sensory Perceptions
  • Defend against an attacker
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Little Warriors
Kids Street-Proofing Workshop
Safety and self defense for children

This 90min workshop teaches children the basic techniques of the program such as awareness, prevention, and escape tactics in a non-threatening and fun format.

Through a graduated role-playing game kids will learn:

  • What is Safe Space?
  • Eagle Eyes (Awareness)
  • Buddy System  
  • Code Word
  • How to Dial 911
  • How to Answer Questions from Strangers
  • Ready Stance (Defensive posturing)
  • Kicking Tiger (Escape from an adult trying to drag you away)
  • What To Do If You Are Grabbed

This program does not teach any martial arts techniques and is aimed at teaching counter abduction techniques in a gentle style that does not cause children distress or worry.

This workshop is suitable for children k-3 and can be conducted in-class.

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The grandfather of weapons

Secrets of Shaolin’s 18 Lohan Staff
is a fun, informative, and practical seminar suitable for martial arts students of all levels.

Participants will learn:

  • The 'Sliding Grip' technique.
  • How to perform spinning staff techniques
  • How to perform the Two-Man, 'Attack and Defend' Training Form
  • How to use the staff for Practical Self Defense
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What works, and what doesn't

In the 1980's Stefan was the first martial artist to experiment with full contact, no rules, weapons sparring. Using goalie masks, motocross chest protectors and improvised padded gloves and sticks, Stefan pitted a half dozen martial arts weapons against each other through hundreds of sparring matches. The result is the most practical and realist stick and cane techniques.

Participants will learn:
  • The top 3 most effective 24" single and double stick techniques
  • Top 3 foolproof 32" stick/cane defense that Stefan taught to blind students
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Stefan H. Verstappen  is a writer, world traveler, and martial artist.

Stefan was one of the first westerners to live and study martial arts in China and has written five books and dozens of articles.

Stefan brings a uniquely practical and scientific approach to his teaching so that everyone is able to understand the basic principles and adapt them to their own specific needs and goals. More about Stefan's Martial Arts History

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You can e-mail Stefan with questions and comments to sverstappen@yahoo.com

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