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SD banner 1When you purchase a copy of the book The Art of Urban Survival on flash-drive we will include a complete  library of over 165 books and manuals that will teach you how to survive just about any survivaldrive2Emergency, Disaster or Catastrophe from three days, to three years!

Our modern society relies upon a few crucial, yet fragile lifelines. We rely on electricity, oil, a viable currency, the internet, and trusted emergency services. If any one of these lifelines were disrupted it could cause a domino effect that would quickly spiral into a short or long term societal collapse.

You may have to be prepared to survive without the availability of food, clean water, medical care, gasoline, electricity, natural gas, or security.

Knowledge is your best survival strategy. Most experts recommend carrying a survival manual in your emergency kit, but no single book could provide enough information to survive every scenario.

Survival Drive allows you to take a whole library of survival books with you anywhere you go on a flash-drive.

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Also includes: The Household Cyclopedia of Useful and Domestic Arts

Emergency Information System

Survival Drive is part of an Emergency Information System consisting of an e-reader that will display the books stored on the flash-drive, then add one or more alternative energy battery chargers, and you have a rechargeable system that is lightweight and portable so that you can quickly access important emergency information anywhere, anytime.

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frontcoverroyalSurvival Drive Table of Contents

In addition to a copy of The Art of Urban Survival each Survival Drive includes the following books categorized under the Five Essential Survival Needs which makes it easy to find the information you are looking for.









Disaster Preparedness
1. Are You Ready? An In-depth Guide to Citizen Preparedness, FEMA, 2004, 205pgs
2. Surviving Survivalism, 2012, 310pgs
3. Urban Bug Out Bag, 27pgs
4. Disaster Preparedness Handbook, 2005, 40pgs
5. Disaster Preparedness For Seniors, 32pgs
6. The Ultimate Preparedness Manual, 2012, 458pgs
7. The ABC’s of NBC Warfare Survival, 2002, 64pgs


1. First Aid Emergency Care for the Injured, 2008, 103pgs
2. First Aid Manual (FM 21-11) Army, Navy, Air Force, 2002, 224pgs
3. Emergency War Surgery Handbook NATO, 2000, 305pgs
4. Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Alternative Medicine, 2004, 382pgs
5. Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 2003, 14pgs
6. Handbook of Medicinal Herbs, 2002, 893pgs
7. Edible And Medicinal Plants, 2001, 112pgs
8. Where There Is No Doctor: A Village Health Care Handbook, 1992, 505pgs
9. Natural Antibiotic Alternatives, 45pgs
10. Communicable Diseases After a Disaster, 2006, 19pgs
11. Infectious Diseases in Childcare Settings, 2013, 142pgs
12. Complications Of Pregnancy And Childbirth, 2008, 426pgs
13. Pregnancy Infant Health, 2011, 44pgs
14. Survival Nursing, 2000, 158pgs
15. Where There Is No Dentist, 2010, 240pgs
16. Emergency First Aid for Cats and Dogs, 2008, 190pgs
17. First Aid And Emergency Care For Dogs And Cats, 56pgs
18. Infusion Therapy and Infusion Therapy and Peripheral IV Insertions, 2007, 126pgs
19. Sutures and Suturing, 2012, 56pgs
20. Giving Safe Injections, 2005, 43pgs
21. Giving Medicine by Subcutaneous Injection, 7pgss


1. Ultimate Guide to Wilderness Living, 2008, 330pgs
2. The Household Encyclopedia, 1881, 710pgs
3. Seven Primitive Survival Shelters That Could Save Your Life, 7pgs
4. Shelters, 1995, 20pgs
5. How to Build a Bomb Shelter, 1963, 7pgs
6. How to Build a Underground Fallout Shelter, 2015, 56pgs
7. Tarp Shelters, 2008, 61pgs
8. How to Build a Storm Shelter, 2005, 70pgs
9. How To Build A Safer Shelter, 2009, 16pgs
10. The Cob Builders Handbook, 1997, 183pgs
11. Helping Children Cope with Disaster, 2004, 12pgs
12. Preparing for Disaster for People with Disabilities and Special Needs, 2012, 20pgs
13. Disaster Preparedness Pets and Animals, 2012, 16pgs
14. Jon Boat Plans, 1964, 3pgs
15. The Zero Fossil Fuel Rocket Stove Heater, 2013, 15pgs
16. Soap making, 8pgs
17. Cooling with Ventilation, 1986, 82pgs
18. Candle Making, 7pgs
19. Solar Water Heating with Low-Cost Plastic Systems, 24pgs
20. Scout Engineering, 2008, 32pgs
21. Improvised Towers, 16pgs
22. The Art of Tanning Leather, 1857, 276pgs
23. Weaving Looms, 107pgs
24. Weaving on a Cardboard Loom, 4pgs


1. Household Water Treatment, 2011, 44pgs
2. Treatment of Drinking Water, 2000, 76pgs
3. A Guide to Raised Bed Gardening, 2002, 17pgs
4. Guide to Growing Vegetables, 2009, 36pgs
5. Home Vegetable Gardening, 2001, 136pgs
6. Bio intensive Farming and Gardening, 2008, 50pgs
7. Vegetable Gardening, 2010, 64pgs
8. Canning Foods, 2008, 50pgs
9. Principals of Home Food Preservation, 28pgs
10. Backyard Aquaponics, 2011, 187pgs
11. Aquaponics, 2006, 28pgs
12. Aquaponics Growing Fish and Plants Together, 2007, 76pgs
13. Horticulture Handbook, 1995, 28pgs
14. Greenhouses for homeowners and gardeners, 2000, 217pgs
15. Solar-Heated Greenhouse, 4pgs
16. Edible Plants Of The World, 1919, 775pgs
17. Edible Wild Plants, 2007, 14pgs
18. Useful Wild Plants, 1920, 45pgs
19. Raising Water Fowl, 1919, 20pgs
20. How To Raise Ducks For Food, 1996, 40pgs
21. Guide to Raising Healthy Chickens, 2011, 4pgs
22. Raising Rabbits for Meat, 2001, 122pgs
23. Small-scale freshwater fish farming, 2008, 84pgs
24. Fish Culture In Ponds, 1999, 32pgs
25. Basic Fishing Methods, 2005, 41pgs
26. Fishing Basics, 2pgs
27. A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing, 11pgs
28. How to Make Solar Cookers, 2004, 58pgs
29. Build your own solar oven, 6pgs
30. Camp Fire Cooking, 9pgs
31. Emergency Cooking Stoves, 41pgs
32. Design Principles for Wood Burning Cook Stoves, 2002, 40pgs
33. How to make a hand pump, 2012, 28pgs
34. Introduction to Micro-irrigation, 8pgs
35. Moonshine Still Plans, 2001, 78pgs
36. How to Distill Quality Alcohol at Home, 1999, 94pgs
37. Feeding Infants, 2013, 38pgs
38. Campfire Cookbook, 2011, 40pgs
39. Whole Grain Baking, 2006, 46pgs
40. Minimalist Home Cooking, 2010, 97pgs
41. Small-Scale Oilseed Processing, 2001, 24pgs


1. Orienteering with Map and Compass, 36pgs
2. Orienteering instructions, 8pgs
3. Reading Topographic Maps, 16pgs
4. Topographic Map Symbols, 4pgs
5. Map Reading and Land Navigation 2001, 209pgs
6. Terrain, Maps, And Direction, 7pgs
7. Using Lensatic Compass, 16pgs
8. How To Avoid Getting Lost, 2013, 23pgs
9. Urban Search & Rescue Guide, 2006, 124pgs
10. Light USAR Operations, 43pgs
11. Mountaineering Techniques (Advanced), 2003, 78pgs
12. Mountain Bike Search and Rescue, 2006, 44pgs
13. Military Mountaineering, 2002, 328pgs
14. US Army Survival manual (FM 21-76), 387pgs
15. The Warrior Ethos and Soldier Combat Skills, 2008, 316pgs
16. Insurgencies and Countering Insurgencies (FM 3-24), 2014, 202pgs
17. Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain (FM 3-06.11), 2002, 722pgs
18. Booby Traps (FM 5-31) 1965, 40pgs
19. How to Disappear in America, 1998, 54pgs
20. How to Master Secret Work, 1984, 33pgs
21. Nuclear War Survival Skills, 1987, 510pgs
22. Ranger Handbook, 2006, 327pgs
23. Survival, Evasion, Resistance And Escape, 2008, 97pgs
24. Survival, Evasion, and Recovery, (FM 21-76-1) 1999, 106pgs
25. Visual Signals (FM 21-60), 1987, 72pgs
26. Camouflage, Concealment, And Decoys, 2010,88pgs
27. USMC Close Combat. 1999.113pgs
28. Psychological Operations In Guerrilla Warfare, 1984, 64pgs
29. Small Unit Night Fighting, 1996, 89pgs
30. Canadian Firearms Safety Course,2008, 271pgs
31. Rifle Marksmanship U.S. Marine Corps, 2001, 117pgs
32. Rifle Marksmanship U.S. Army, 2008, 418pgs
33. Fundamentals of Handgun Shooting, 2006, 9pgs
34. Basic Pistol Shooting Techniques, 10pgs
35. Combat Training With Pistols, M9 And M11, 2003, 92pgs
36. Basic Hunting, 2005, 68pgs
37. Trapping Furbearers, 2011, 112pgs
38. Ten Best Traps, 1985, 134pgs
39. How To Make: A Replica Native American Bow, 11pgs
40. Hunting with the Bow and Arrow, 2003, 522pgs
41. Hunting With The Bow & Arrow, 2005, 207pgs
42. Common Cloud Names, Shapes, and Altitudes, 14pgs
43. How the Weather Works -and how to forecast for it, 2008, 85pgs
44. How to Make Biodiesel from Pure Vegetable Oil, 3pgs


1. List of 10 Codes, 1pg
2. Operating your HAM Radio in an Emergency, 2005, 4pgs
3. The No-Nonsense, General Class License Study Guide -HAM Radio, 2007, 53pgs
4. Amateur Radio No-Code Technician Study Guide and Workbook, 2003, 34pgs
5. The No-Nonsense, Technician Class License Study Guide -HAM Radio, 2010, 49pgs
6. A Comprehensive Study Material for the Ham Radio Enthusiasts, 2003, 111pgs
7. Radio Communications In The Digital Age Volume One: HF Technology, 1996, 53pgs
8. Antenna Construction, 1997, 183pgs
9. Amateur Radio Emergency Service Manual, 2005, 92pgs
10. Tactical Single Channel Radio Techniques, 1987, 186pgs
11. Scanner & Ham Radio Frequencies, 67pgs
12. Amateur Radio FM Repeater Basics, 2007, 8pgs
13. Build Your Own 12 VDC Engine/Generator, 1994, 5pgs
14. DIY Guide to Building your own Generator12v Battery Charger, 2009, 12pgs
15. Building the Basic PVC Wind Turbine, 2007, 14pgs
16. DIY Wind Turbines, 2003, 11pgs
17. Do it Yourself Wind Turbine, 2001, 26pgs
18. Up cycle your PC fans into mini wind generators, 2007, 5pages
19. Solar Power 101, 1990, 86pgs
20. Solar Power, 2003, 38pgs
21. Small-scale Water Current Turbines. 2010, 24pgs
22. Pedal Power Generation. 2012, 5pgs
23. Wood Gas Generator, 1989, 66pgs
24. Wood Gas Generator for IC Engines, 1989, 120pgs
25. Art of Covert Communications, 2008, 16pgs
26. Emergency Power for Amateur Radio Stations, 2010, 40pgs

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