Psychological Self Defense

nohmask2Psychological Self Defense
An introduction to social predators
Duration: Two Hours

One of the gravest and most pernicious dangers facing both the individual and civilization as a whole is the malevolent influence of psychopaths within our society.

Everyone will at some point in their lives encounter a psychopath. Without knowing what you are dealing with, such an encounter can destroy your health, finances, happiness, and even your life.

These psychopaths are not the serial killers and career criminals, but rather they come in the form of a friend, spouse, parent, or boss.

Based on chapter one of The Art of Urban Survival this lecture teaches people how to recognize and defend against our society’s most dangerous predators – psychopaths.

This lecture teaches participants:

  • How to recognize the character traits of psychopaths
  • Their Modus Operandi, and their typical stalking strategies
  • What you can do to defend yourself against the psychopath

Stefan will also expand on the implications of psychopaths on society as a whole. What would our culture and civilization look like if psychopaths ruled the world?



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