Martial Arts for the Blind

blindl2Martial Arts and the Vision Impaired
How to use Zen and Martial arts to improve the lives of the vision impaired

Can a blind person learn to defend him or herself against an assault? This question led the author Stefan Verstappen on a journey of discover of what the blind, and all people, are really capable of.

Stefan’s seminars include descriptions and scientific explanations behind the Zen inspired exercises that anyone can learn and provides a unique approach to improving the quality of life for the vision impaired.

Topics include how to:

Improve your sense of balance
Improve your sense of kinesthesia
Train the sense of hearing and create an auditory map
Train the sense of smell to better know what is happening around you
Overcome many fears associated with blindness
Become more aware of the unconscious sensory information known as synesthesia
Develop real Extra Sensory Perceptions
Defend against an attacker

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