Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace

The environment and conditions of working in a highrise office building can present unique challenges when there is a disaster.

The high population density and vertical integration can complicate and make worse even a minor emergency.

Having staff and workers in the building that know what to do during an emergency would greatly improve the chances of everyone staying safe and surviving a disaster.

The Emergency Preparedness in the Workplace is a fun and informative one hour course offered to the staff and employees of high rise and high density work environments that provides information specific to the types of emergency situations that could occur in a high rise building.

Topics Include:

  • What to do during a black out
  • What to do during a fire
  • What to do during a terrorist attack
  • How to coordinate emergency procedures with on-site security staff

Each participant will receive the guidebook, Emergency Preparedness for the Workplace which details all the information provided in the seminar.By providing basic emergency planning and preparedness information to staff not only helps insure that any disaster can be safely dealt with by the tenants themselves, but will also promote community and co-operation within the building.



Participants will learn:

  • How to make a disaster plan
  • What to do during an emergency
  • How to assemble a home, car and pocket survival and first aid kits.
  • The essential items you need to keep in your home
  • How to survive war, terrorism, riots, and natural disasters
  • How to organize and conduct a search & rescue team to find lost family members

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